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At Healing Hearts Care our Registered staff are of highest quality. We strive to be the best in any situation. All of our team members are CPR, First Aid. Our staff follow the College of Nurses guidelines and expectations as well as go through an extensive interview process to ensure quality and reliability to all our clients. Our Registered Staff will exceed all your expectations in home, hospital or long term care setting. 


Healing Hearts Care will provide knowledgeable, certified staff to engage and stimulate yourself or your loved one. Our goal is to restore and rehabilitate a person's level of functioning and independence in life activities. Healing Hearts Care will promote the health and wellness through recreation.


Physiotherapy is an important aspect of staying in your home longer. Our professional Physiotherapists will assess your needs and provide education and advice as well as a complete exercise program to fit your well being. Mobility promotes independence, that is why Healing Hearts Care is dedicated to rehabilitate, improve and promote health.


At Healing Hearts Care our team knows how important it is to know the person's life story before the disease. Our staff will build a personalized plan of care dedicated to your loved ones needs as all person's with Dementia are unique. Our trained staff will then be able to provide a person centered care approach using specific techniques to enhance quality of care at any stage of the disease.


Healing Hearts Care offers Foot Care Services in the comfort of your home, hospital or Long Term Care setting. Our certified nurses help keep our clients mobile and decrease the risk of developing foot ulcers which can lead to an amputation. Our Foot Care Nurse can help reduce calluses, corns and trim deformed/thickened nails. Healing Hearts Care can assess for feet circulation, sensation, edema and the potential risk of developing an ulcer.


At Healing Hearts Care we know you can not be there all the time for your loved one as much as you would like to. Care-giver burn out is serious and everybody deserves a break. Healing Hearts Care will provide compassionate, reliable care for your loved one while you are away, whether it be for a period of time or for a couple of hours a day. We will be there when you can't in any situation that arises.


Healing Hearts Care provide specialized care for our clients with a terminal illness and/or end of life care. We focus on providing comfort care measures whatever the diagnosis may be. We are committed to support you and your loved one at this difficult time whether it be emotional support or comfort care needs. We are dedicated in providing compassionate staff to achieve the best quality of life right up to the end.


Healing Hearts Care provide professional Companion Services

- Accompanying to appointments

- Assisting with errands

- Daily check ins

- Cleaning Services

- Completing/putting away laundry

- Accompany on outings

- Pick up/put away groceries

- Shopping


Healing Hearts Care specialize in wound care management.

Our team is dedicated to promote healthy, rapid healing of a wide variety of wounds.

- Acute Wounds

- Chronic Wounds

- Diabetic Ulcers

- Ostomy Sites

- Surgical Wounds


Healing Hearts Care provides reliable, compassionate, caring Personal Support Workers for daily care needs.

Our staff will assist in activities of daily living while respecting the privacy of your home. All our Personal Support Workers have CPR and First Aid. Our team of staff strive to provide the best care needs to you or your loved one whether it be bathing, eating, dressing and more. Healing Hearts Care is here to help in any situation.       

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